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Paint Mayville History with us in 2018!

Take a Class

Simple Painting Classes

Historic Mayville Simple Painting Classes offer watercolor techniques and a relaxing experience on Chautauqua Lake.  We provide paint, brushes, a simple theme on watercolor paper, and a painting lesson. Many lessons will be based on Mayville History.  Ages 16+

Watercolor Techniques Classes

Chautauqua Impressionism

Watercolor Immersion Classes will explore many watercolor, acrylic and mixed media techniques.

Bring Your Grownup to Paint Classes

Canoe Afternoon

Bring Your Grownup to Paint Classes, for ages 8 and up, will offer a historic Mayville-themed drawing for you and your adult to paint.  All materials provided.

Mayville NY History, Early 1900s

Mayville Watercolors at the Depot offers a variety of classes on the shores of Chautauqua Lake.  This year we are delighted to explore a part of Mayville’s fascinating history.  Many classes feature line drawings for you and your friends to paint and enjoy.  Join us!

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