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Friday Long Sessions: Indulge! Go a Little Crazy!

Painting sessions on Friday are going to be lots of fun!  We plan mixed watermedia lessons that will include collage, acrylics, watercolor, dry media and sometimes creativity out of chaos! Abstraction and non-representational play is good for the soul.

Friday: Stay and paint as long as you want!*

Friday Long Sessions are play days with 2 hours of instruction in the morning, 10 to 12 am.  Afterwards, feel free to stay and eat lunch that you bring or dash out for lunch.  Either way, the gallery is available and open to you all afternoon until *closing time at 4 pm.   Come and create, enjoy camaradarie and have a wonderful time!


Check the schedule for details about the lesson.  Bring your paints, drawing materials, collage elements, brushes & lots of paper appropriate to the lessons you attend (each Friday is a little different).  We will have lots of supplemental materials for you to try.  You’ll get the idea once you attend a session or 2. Contact us for supply list if you need help.

Friday, May 17, 2019 Watercolor + dry media non-representational (no collage), paint from 10 am until ?

Today will feature a 10 a.m demo using primarily watercolor with some added dry media & resist.  This is a wonderful way to learn the properties of watercolor. Lesson from 10 – 12 am.  Stay as long as you like, all day if you wish.  $40 online, $45 at the door.


Friday, May 24, 2019 Acrylic Inks + dry media, paint from 10 am until ?

Demo at 10: Acrylic Inks + dry media (no collage).  Don’t have ink?  We have lotos–come give it a try.  Great fun and a great way to learn about all the materials.  Lesson from 10 – 12 am.  Stay as long as you like, all day if you wish.  $40 online, $45 at the door.


Special 3-Day Watermedia Workshop Friday - Monday May 31 - June 2

Immerse yourself in a multi-media workshop!  3 whole days of creating abstract & non-representational collage masterpieces!  Demos & lessons from  10 – noon each morning, then paint as long as you wish for the duration of the day until closing at 4 pm.

Want to stay in the area, in a wonderful B&B just a mile away from the Depot?  We recommend Mark and Sheila at the Great Tree Inn!  They have a hobby farm complete with farm animals; a most beautiful setting, where you may want to stay a few extra days just to paint around their property.  Click HERE to inquire about availability!

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